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News and Results by Kris Kurz a.k.a. Resident Evil


News, Results, and more by Kris Kurz a.k.a. Resident Evil
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Resident Evils' News And Results!

IWR Wrestling Results for 9/21

Independent Wrestling Revolution at the IWR Coliseum inside Sunnybrook in Sterling Heights, Michigan

"The Ace" Rick Solid beat Exodus (with "Maniac" Mike McMahon)

Stevie Lee beat Jaimy Coxxx

Bump 'N' Uglies: "Dyanic" Josh Movado & "Playboy" Bubba McKenzie beat Kamikaze & Tenacious Z to become #1 contenders for the IWR Tag Team Titles and get a shot at the next show.

Andy Muscat (in his IWR debut) beat "Gigolo" Mark Gjoka (with Ica)

Frankie the Face beat "Primetime" Tommy Johnson

Deranged beat Rusty Baddwrench.
(After the match, "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr attacks both men.)

-Shawn Smiley (along with "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr, whom he is paying) cuts a promo on Michigan Hardcore Pro Wrestling, his new promotion, which has it's first show on October 4th in Dearborn, Michigan.

"Amazing" N8 Mattson beat "The Future" Chris Sabin when The Threat (Breyer Wellington, Truth Martini, & Anthony Rivera) interfered.
After the match, "Amazing" N8 becomes the newest member of The Threat.

IWR Tag Team Champions- Anthony Rivera & Truth Martini beat Jimmy Jacobs & Gavin Starr to retain their IWR Tag Team Titles.
After the match, The Threat attacks Jimmy Jacobs & Gavin Starr, but a masked man makes the save.

"IWR King of the Indies Champion- Brimstone beat Homeless Jmmmy by disqualification when "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr interfered and hit Brimstone with his kendo stick.

-Much to the dismay of Josh Movado, "Playboy" Bubba McKenzie strips Mr. Insanity of the IWR Heavyweight Title for not showing up at tonights event and tonight's main event is now for the IWR Heavyweight Title.

Breyer Wellington beat CK3 for the IWR Heavyweight Title. After the match CK3 is attacked by the other three members of the Threat, but he is saved by the same masked man who turns out to be... Elvis Elliot.

-Elvis talks to Breyer and he says he wants Breyer to end him as he kneels down. Suddenly "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr comes out and brutality attacks Elvis Elliot. Elvis is hurt and IWR security rush the fans out of the arena as IWR security and wrestlers hover around him as they wait for an ambulance. No help has arrived yet so IWR personnel carry Elvis out on a table.

XICW Fall Fury 2 Results:
Sunday, September 8, 2002
XICW Fall Fury at Hot Rock's Cafe in Warren, Michigan

Truth Martini & "Amazing" N8 (substituting for Chris Sabin) beat Danny Daniels & Skull Ganz for the XICW Tag Team Titles.

Chuck Smooth beat Levi Blue. Due to the prematch stipulation, after the match they shaved Levi Blue's hair. Even Chris R. Lewis, who does the photos, and some girl from the first row got in on cutting his hair.

Kamikaze (with "Handsome" Johnny Bradford) & Keith Creme (with Large Lover) beat (XICW Light heavyweight Champion Jaimy Coxxx & Jimmy Jacobs. After the match, Jaimy Coxxx turned on Jimmy Jacobs.

Mike The Security Guard beat Deranged (with "Handsome" Johnny Bradford)after Johnny accidentally threw salt at Deranged.
After the match, Skull Ganz attacked Mike The Security Guard.

Mr. Meaner beat Gavin Starr after Jaimy Coxxx interfered.

Yukon Braxton beat Frankie The Face (with "Handsome" Johnny Bradford) to win the XICW Heavyweight Title.

(XICW Hardcore Champion) "Dangerous One" DBA fought Mr. Insanity to a No-Contest due to a double-pin after both men took a bump on light tubes wrapped in barbed-wire.

IWF (Insane Wrestling Federation) Caged Madness
Knight of Columbus Hall in Hamtramck, Michigan

Spyder Nate Webb beat Hugh Rogue.

Action Jackson beat Deranged.
-- Action Jackson, from IWA Mid-South, made his debut in the IWF, and surprisingly dominated Deranged.

Truth Martini beat The Future Chris Sabin & Danny Daniels in a 3-Way Elimination Match to become the #1 contender for the IWF Cruiserweight Title.
--Excellent match that had Chris Sabin first pinning Danny Daniels with a Legdrop off the top turnbuckle to eliminate Daniels and then later Truth pinned Sabin with a Somersault into a Double Stomp off the top turnbuckle.
Note that the IWF Cruiserweight Champion- Loverboy Steve was at ringside, watching on during the match, but did not interfere.

Colt Cabana & CM Punk beat Ace Steel & Primetime Tommy Johnson
---Cabana & CM Punk were way over as heels. Even getting two girls from the crowd to kiss. They got the win after a Superplex / Legdrop off the top turnbuckle combination.

CashFlo beat Kevin Sullivan by DQ when Necro Buthcer attacked CashFlo.
--Cpl. Robinson and 2 Tuff Tony came in for the save after Necro and Sullivan were attacking Cash. Good match between Cash and the legendary, Kevin Sullivan.

In a Barbed Wire Match
IWF Tag Team Champion- The Lynch Mob: Cpl. Robinson & 2 Tuff Tony beat Necro Butcher & Mr. Insanity (Toby Klein) to retain their IWF Tag Team Titles when Tony pinned Insanity.
-- This was a brutal match that had Necro using a broken beer bottle on Tony. Tony did his finisher to Necro off the ring apron- through a table. Insanity jumped off the stage to take Cpl. Robinson through another table, and much more...

MHPW Results 10/4/02

Truth Martini beat Chris Sabin and Danny Daniels in a 3-Way Match when Truth pinned Chris Sabin.

Shasta beat "God's Creation" Shane Sensation

Bump-N-Uglies: "Dynamic" Josh Movado & "Playboy" Bubba McKenzie fought Chuck Smooth & Jebediah to a No-Contest when "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr & Killer Kanareck came out and attacked all the competitors.

In a Falls-Count-Anywhere Match, "Amazing" N8 & Custom Made Man beat Deranged & Crazy (with Nurse Gigi) after "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr interfered.

"Death Dealer" Tommy Starr beat Deranged

"Death Dealer" Tommy Starr beat Notorious T.I.D.

Mr. Insanity fought Homeless Jimmy to a No-Contest. Insanity did a Death Valley Driver to Jimmy taking him through a table covered in lighttubes and glass.
Then "Death Dealer" came out again and attacked both men.

(Necro Butcher was supposed to be in the main event, but he was not because he got there late, so they would not pay him, wouldn't put him on the card, and told him to go home, despite his 12 hour drive to get there.)

Friday, October 11, 2002
Maximum Pro Wrestling
Max Pro Arena at Livonia Mall in Livonia, Michigan

Amazing N8 Mattson beat Anthony Rivera

Breyer Wellington beat Maynard R. Nek

Petey Williams beat The Hacker

A-1 & Original Sinn beat Tyson Dux & El Tornado
after Handsome Johnny Bradford interfered.

Max Pro Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion- The Future Chris Sabin (with Angel) beat Truth Martini to retain his title, after The Hacker interfered.
--After the match, Hacker and Chris Sabin attacked Truth Martini, but Petey Williams runs in to make the save.

Johnny Swinger & Stevie Lee beat Yukon Braxton & Pitbull Skull Ganz after a Spike Piledriver.

--Terry Taylor was supposed to face Maximum Diva Tracy in an Intergender Match, but he fired her and sent her to the back. He named a new commissioner, Fantasy. Fantasy found a new opponent for Terry in former WWF star Gangrel and also decided to make Tracy the special referee for the match.

(Tracy as the special referee)
Gangrel beat Terry Taylor with the Impaler DDT.

Max Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion- Simon Diamond fought The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genicidal, Sabu to a Double-Disqualification when Johnny Swinger & Stevie Lee came in to attack Sabu. Sabu fought them off for a bit throwing chairs at them and then Alpha Male Monty Brown ran in and made the save.
--Simon Diamond is still the Max Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

XICW "Xtreme Sunday 3" (Two-year anniversary of XICW)
Sunday, October 13, 2002
Hot Rock's Sports Bar and Music Cafe in Warren, Michigan

All of the XICW workers come out and celebrate this being the 2nd Anniversary of XICW.
DBA cuts a promo on XICW and is given a plaque commemorating the 2 full years XICW has been around and the start of a third big year.

Kamikaze & Keith Creme (with Large Lover & "Handsome" Johnny Bradford) beat Truth Martini & "Amazing" N8 to become the new XICW Tag Team Champions.

"Pitbull" Skull Ganz beat "The Future" Chris Sabin when he made Sabin submit to a Cross-Armbreaker submission.

Danny Daniels beat Chuck Smooth with a Tombstone Piledriver.

(Detroit Street Fight)
Levi Blue beat Brian Gorie after smashing a mirror over his head.

-- Gutter, who has been sidelined with an injury, comes out and cuts a promo saying that he will be back next month. Skull Ganz goes to the ring and lays him out with a chair shot.

Babies From the 80's: Gavin Starr & Jimmy Jacobs beat Fun Lovin' Criminals: Mr. Meaner & (XICW Light heavyweight Champion) Jaimy Coxxx when Jimmy Jacobs pinned Jaimy Coxxx.

(Lumberjack Strap Match)
--The Lumberjacks: Levi Blue, Chuck Smooth, Truth Martini, Chris Sabin, & Keith Creme + Skull Ganz, Frankie The Face & Kamikaze (all 3 came out together with their manager, "Handsome" Johnny Bradford and Deranged)+ special guest lumberjacks: (Michigan wrestling legend) The BU f'n G and (Michigan Wrestling Photographer) Chris R. Lewis.

Deranged beat Mike The Security Guard .

(Texas Death Match)
XICW Heavyweight Champion- Yukon Braxton beat Frankie The Face (with "Handsome" Johnny Bradford) to retain his title. Yukon won when Frankie could not answer the 10-count after Yukon did a Piledriver- through a table to Frankie.
--After the match, Danny Daniels attacks Yukon Braxton and challenges him to a title match for next month

(Barbed Wire Brutality- all different items wrapped in barbed wire. A table- also covered in thumbtacks and light tubes, a ladder, chairs, 2 light tubes, a One-Way sign, a cane, and even a Red Bull can, all wrapped in Barbed Wire)

Mr. Insanity beat "The Dangerous One" DBA to become the new XICW Hardcore Champion.

Friday, November 8, 2002
Brownstown Community Center in Brownstown, Michigan
Metro Pro Wrestling

Tenacious Z beat Maynard R. Nek
Z had pinned Maynard with a quick rollup. Maynard said he did not hear the bell and demanded a match with Z. They had a match and Z pinned Maynard again.
Anthony Rivera beat Jay the Cable Guy
(Metro Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion) Big Chuck and Grave Digger beat Ruckus and Travis

Kamikaze beat "Dynamic" Josh Movado with "Playboy" Bubba McKenzie as the special guest referee.Bubba said Josh had tapped out, but Josh had not.

Truth Martini won a 3-Way Match over Alex Shelly and Super Meetsee to become the first ever Metro Pro Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion.
First Shelly eliminated Meetsee, which made it 1-on-1, and then Truth eliminated Shelly to become the new champion.

Gutter beat "Flamin'" Max Damin in a Street Fight

"Amazing" N8 beat "The Future" Chris Sabin to become the new PWL TV Champion.

Sunday, November 10, 2002
Hot Rock's Cafe in Warren, Michigan

Jimmy Jacobs beat Jaimy Coxxx to become the new XICW Lightheavyweight Champion.

Truly Amazing: Truth Martini and "Amazing" N8 beat Kamikaze and Keith Creme (with Large Lover) to become the new XICW Tag Team Champions when Truth Martini pinnned Keith Creme.

Levi Blue cuts a promo. It turns out that Levi's partner is none other than... DBA.
DBA turns, and along with Levi, attacks Brian Gorie. Insanity comes out and saves Gorie.

"The Future" Chris Sabin beat Alex Shelly.
This was Shelly's debut in XICW.

Frankie The Face (with "Handsome" Johnny Bradford) beat Gavin Starr.

Deranged (with "Handsome" Johnny Bradford and corner man, "The Pitbull" Skull Ganz ) beat Mike the Security Guard (with corner man, Vinny) in a Throw-In-The-Towel Match.

Sabu beat Gutter.
He got the pin with a Legdop off a chair, after a Triple Jump Moonsault.
This was Sabu's debut in XICW.

(XICW Hardcore Champion) Mr. Insanity and Brian Gorie beat "The Dangerous One" DBA and Levi Blue when Mr. Insanity pinned Levi Blue.
Deranged accidentaly smashed lighttubes over Levi Blue's head which caused Levi Blue to lose to Insanity.
Levi, Insanity, and Deranged all fight each other on their way to the back.

Danny Daniels beat Yukon Braxton to become the new XICW Heavyweight Champion.
Daniels pinned Yukon with his own feet on the ropes. Yukon also had his hand on the bottom rope, so the pin should not have counted. Afterwards, Yukon hits the YukonBomb on the referee.

November 16, 2002
IWR Coliseum inside Sunnybrook in Sterling Heights MI

-The show starts off with a 10-bell salute to Debbie Merker

"Gigolo" Mark Gjoka (with Miss Natasha) beat "The Ace" Rick Solid

"Primetime" Tommy Johnson beat Justin Toxicated.
-This was Justin Toxicated's IWR debut.
-After the match, "Maniac" Mike McMahon attacked Tommy, but Tommy fought Mike off and hit him with a Piledriver.

Stevie Lee beat Gutter
-After the match "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr attacks the referee.

Kamikaze beat Tenacious Z and Jaimy Coxxx in a 3-Way Match when he pinned Z.

CK3 beat Alex Shelly

Madman Pondo and Homeless Jimmy beat Mr. Insanity and Deranged in a Hardcore "Falls Count Anywhere" Match when Madman Pondo pinned Insanity after a flip off the top turnbuckle- taking him through a chair and Pondo's trademark stopsign.

IWR All-Stars: Brimestone, "The Future" Chris Sabin,Andy Muscat,Gavin Starr(with "Dynamic" Josh Movado) beat The Threat: (IWR Heavyweight Champion) Breyer Wellington, (IWR King of the Indies Champion) "Amazing"N8,(IWR Tag Team Champions) Anthony Rivera and Truth Martini (with "Playboy" Bubba McKenzie).
-It was an elimination match and Brimestone last pinned "Amazing"N8.

After the show the IWR Staff and Roster ate lots of turkey and pie.

Maximum Pro Wrestling "Doomsday"
December 2002
MaxPro Arena at Livonia Mall in Livonia, Michigan

"Showtime" Eric Young beat "Amazing" N8 Mattson

Gutter beat Klunk the Clown

Truth Martini and Petey Williams beat (MXPW Cruiserweight Champion)"The Future" Chris Sabin and The Hacker when Truth pinned Sabin.

Tracey Brooks beat "Handsome" Johnny Bradford (with A-1)

Gangrel beat Yukon Braxton with his "Impaler" DDT

"The Next" Breyer Wellington beat Derek Wilde (from NWA-TNA)

A-1 (with "Handsome" Johnny Bradford) beat Elvis Elliot with a "Jackhammer" Suplex after "Handsome" Johnny Bradford interfered.

Tyson Dux and El Tornado beat XXXplicit Content

"Alpha Male" Monty Brown beat "Symbol of Excellence" CK3

Road Warrior Hawk and Ahmed Johnson beat Stevie Lee and tag partner The Original Sinn when Hawk pinned both opponents after he hit a Closeline off the top turnbuckle. Hawk and Ahmed still got the win despite interference from A-1 and "Handsome" Johnny Bradford.

Toys For Tots "X-Mas Extravaganza" featuring the stars of TZW and other indy feds
Friday, December 6, 2002
Knights of Columbus Hall in Hamtramck, Michigan

Demolition Dollrods Rock the House!

Brimstone and Tenacious Z beat Bump-N-Uglies: "Dynamic" Josh Movado & "Playboy" Bubba McKenzie when Z pinned Bubba. After the match, Demolition Dollrods celebrate with Z and Brimstone.

Breyer Wellington beat "Amazing" N8 Mattson after pulling N8's tights.

"Death Dealer" Tommy Starr (with Shawn "The crack head" Smiley) beat Deranged by submission.

Prince Romeo & (TZW Tag Team Champions) Kamikaze & Super Meetsee fought Michael Antonio Ice, (TZW Cruiserweight Champion) The Syrian Playboy, & Raymond J. Knight to a No-Contest when Ric Matrix came out and destroyed all 6 men.

Yukon Braxton beat Anthony Rivera.

Danny Daniels beat "The Future" Chris Sabin with a Tombstone Piledriver.

"Mad Irish Eamon" Ed Fagan & Truth Martini beat (TZW TV Champion) Tommy Johnson & "Gigolo" Mark Gjoka (with Miss Natasha)

"Sick" Ric Matrix beat Mr. Insanity & Ian Decay in a 3-Way Dance Elimination Match .

First Mr. Insanity pinned Ian after a Death Valley Driver, then Matrix pinned Insanity to win the match.

XICW "Christmas Chaos"
Sunday, December 8, 2002
Hot Rocks Cafe in Warren, Michigan

Fun Lovin Criminals: Mr. Meaner & Jaimy Coxxx beat (XICW Tag Team Champions)Truly Amazing ,Truth Martini & "Amazing" N8 Mattson to become the new XICW Tag Team Champions when Jaimy pinned N8, after Truth turned on N8.

--Truth Martini is now a member of the Fun LovinCriminals with Meaner & Coxxx.

Gutter beat Alex Shelly with a "Gutter Cutter" as Shelly was jumping off the top turnbuckle.

Kamikaze & Keith Chi (with The Large Lover) beat Brian Gorie in a handicap match that had been set up by The DBA.

-DBA attacked Gorie after the match, but Mike TSG made the save.

"The Future" Chris Sabin fought (XICW Light heavyweight Champion) Jumpin Jimmy Jacobs to a No-Contest. It was a 15-minute time limit draw.

-They fought to a 10 minute time limit draw, then the match was restarted and they fought for another 5 minutes. Sabin hit a Double-Underhook Piledriver and was going for the pin, but the timekeeper said that time ran out.

-Jimmy Jacobs is still the XICW Light heavyweight Champion.

"The Dangerous One" DBA beat Mike The Security Guard after the Fun Lovin Criminals interfered.

-After the match DBA and the Criminals attack Mike. Brian Gorie runs in for the save, but gets taken down, and then Gutter runs in for the save and gets taken down as well.

DBA has joined the Fun Lovin Criminals so there now is DBA, Truth, Meaner, and Coxxx in this heel faction.

Gavin Starr beat Frankie The Face in an I-Quit Match. Frankie was forced to say "I am a prison bi@%$!

(XICW Hardcore Champion) Mr. Insanity beat Deranged and Levi Blue in a 3-Way Dance, Elimination Match to retain his title.

First Insanity & Deranged eliminated Levi Blue after a double-team move.

Then Mr. Insanity beat Deranged after he hit a Power Bomb off the announcers stage to Deranged- taking him through 6 light tubes (2 of which were covered in thumbtacks).

Yukon Braxton beat (XICW Champion) Danny Daniels to become the new XICW Heavyweight Champion when he pinned Danny with a Piledriver through a table.

Yukon is now a 3-time XICW Champion.

News 12/30/02: A very sad day in Michigan as Jeff Dingus who was known as the beloved wrestler, Yukon Braxton; passed away early this morning at his home. May he rest in peace. A Photo Tribute to Yukon Braxton has been added to the MIWP Photo Gallerys on Part 1.

XICW "Beyond Xtreme 2003"
January 12, 2003
Hot Rock Cafe and Sports Bar in Warren, Michigan

The show starts with all the wrestlers coming out to Drowning Pool- "Bodies" which is Yukon Braxton's theme song. There is a 10-bell salute to Yukon. DBA retires the XICW Heavyweight Title belt with the last ever champion being Yukon Braxton.

The ring broke as Frankie tried running off the ropes before the match. Then right after that his manager "Handsome" Johnny Bradford left him.

Frankie The Face beat Tenacious Z
Z's XICW debut.

Kamikaze & Keith Chi beat Steve Stone & Havoc MacKay
It was Stone's first match in Michigan indy feds

Danny Daniels beat Breyer Wellington
Breyer's XICW debut.

Truth Martini beat Anthony Rivera with his own feet on the ropes during the pin.
Rivera's XICW debut

Lev Blue beat Roughhouse ROB in a Street Fight (ROB returned to XICW for one night only to pay tribute to Yukon Braxton)

XICW Tag team Champions- Mr. Meaner & Jaimy Coxxx beat Gutter & Brian Gorie when Meaner pinned Gorie with his new finisher (some kind of one-handed ChokeSlam)

"The Dangerous One" D.B.A. beat Mike the Security Guard with a "Flaming Elbowdrop"

"The Future" Chris Sabin beat Jimmy Jacobs in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match to become the new XICW Light heavyweight Champion.
Jacobs won the first fall, Sabin won the second fall, and Sabin won the third fall.

XICW Hardcore Champion- Mr. Insanity beat Deranged after Insanity Backdropped Deraned off the stage and through 3 light tubes.

Maximum Pro Wrestling "Maximum Impact"
January 19, 2003
MaxPro Arena at Livonia Mall in Livonia, Michigan

The show starts off with a 10-bell salute to Yukon Braxton. Yukon's father and his wife speak.

"Showtime" Eric Young beat Petey Williams

--Tenacious Z was wrestling A-1 when Sinn and A-1 kept double-teaming him, Gutter came in to make the save and it was turned into a tag match

A-1 & Original Sinn (with "Handsome" Johnny Bradford) beat Tenacious Z & Gutter when A-1 pinned Z

"Alpha Male" Monty Brown beat Ruffy Silverstein in under a minute

Madness beat Ahmed Johnson. Ahmed was trying to cut a promo and Madness wouldn't leave. Ahmed pulled Madness on top of him and made him pin Ahmed.
--Afterwards, Ahmed attacked Madness and hit him with two "Pearl River Plunges"

Truth Martini beat "The Future" Chris Sabin to become the new MXPW Cruiserweight Champion in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Truth got the first fall, Sabin the second, and Truth the third and final fall with a "Shining Wizard."

Anthony Rivera won an 18-man over the top rope battle royal last eliiminating Havoc.

Entrants were: "Primetime" Tommy Johnson, Jay the Cable Guy, Tony Steel, Big Chuck, Elvis Elliot, Petey Williams, "Showtime" Eric Young, Ruffy Silverstein, Breyer Wellington, Anthony Rivera, Gutter, P.J. Harley, Kris Chambers, Floyd Osbourne, Havoc, Alex Shelly, CK3, and Maynard R. Nek

Tracey Brooks beat Dixie Lee (Gigi)

Johnny Swinger beat Stevie Lee

Dyson Price beat Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart after "Handsome" Johnny Bradford interfered.

Gangrel beat Simon Diamond to become the new MXPW Heavyweight Champion with his "Impaler" DDT.

--After the match Ahmed Johnson attacked Gangrel. Then "Alpha Male" Monty Brown looked like was going to help Gangrel but turned and attacked Gangrel as well. They double-teamed Gangrel, when all the sudden ICP's music starts playing and ICP, Esham, Tom Dub, and Rude Boy all go to the ring and clear the ring as the jugglos go crazy.
ICP celebrates with Gangrel.

Sunday, Feb. 9, 2003
Hot Rock's Cafe in Warren, Michigan

"The Pitbull" Skull Ganz is the new commissoner of XICW.

Gutter beat (1/2 of XICW Tag Team Champions) Jaimy Coxxx

Alex Shelly beat Shawn Hunter

Anthony Rivera beat Steve Stone

Tenacious Z beat CK3

"Sick" Ric Matrix beat Ian Decay
Matrix does a Michinoku Driver and then another one to Decay after the match.

In a #1 Contenders Match for the XICW Tag Team Titles,Jimmy Jacobs & Gavin Starr beat Kamikaze & Keith Chi (with "Large Lover" Ace Farley) when Gavin pinned Keith.
This was Keith Chi (Michael Stryker) last match.

Truth Martini won a 7-man Gauntlet Match to become the first ever XICW Intense Champion when he pinned Danny Daniels at the end.
Alex Shelly pinned Gutter
Frankie The Face pinned Alex Shelly
"Prettyboy Redneck" Levi Blue pinned Frankie The Face
"The Dangerous One" DBA pinned "Prettyboy Redneck" Levi Blue
Truth Martini pinned "The Dangerous One" DBA
Truth Martini pinned Danny Daniels to become the Intense Champion& when he had his own feet on the ropes, and after the Fun Lovin Criminals interfered.
After the match Fun Lovin' Criminals attack Danny Daniels.

IWR Wrestling "Code Red"
Saturday, February 22, 2003
Sunnybrook in Sterling Heights, Michigan

"Primetime" Tomy Johnson beat Jimmy Jacobs

Andy Muscat beat Kamikaze (with Mike McMahon)

Gutter beat Jaimy Coxxx and Frakie the Face in a 3-Way Match when he pinned Frankie.

Tenacious Z bids farwell to the fans, and gets them to start an "IWR" chant

In Z's farewell match, Alex Shelly beat Tenacious Z by submission
After the match, Truth Martini attacks Tenacious Z, but Gavin Starr makes the save.
Amazing" N8 and Breyer Wellington go to the ring. They will face off later.

"The Future" Chris Sabin beat Jimmy Jacobs with a Double-Underhook Piledriver from the top turnbuckle.

"Dynamic" Josh Movado & "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr beat "Gigolo" Mark Gjoka & Klunk the Clown with Natasha & Badunkadunk when "Death Dealer" made Klunk submit.

Homesless Jimmy won a Triple Threat Hardcore Rules Match over Deranged and Mr. Insanity.
First Insanity pinned Deranged to eliminated Deranged.
Then Jimmy pinned Insanity after "Death Dealer" interfered to win the match.

Alex Shelly & Gavin Starr beat (IWR Tag Team Champions) Truth Martini & Anthony Rivera by disqualification when Rivera Gored Gavin through a table. (Truth & Rivera remain the IWR Tag Team Champions)
They then attacked Shelly after the match as well.

(IWR Heavyweight Champion) "The Next" Breyer Wellington fought (IWR King of the Indies Champion) "Amazing" N8 Mattson to a draw. Breyer hit a Superplex on N8, but N8 cradled Breyer and both pinned each others shoulders to the mat. So it was ruled a draw and both wrestlers reatin their titles.

JCW Wrestling "JCW vol. 3 DVD taping"
Sunday, March 16, 2003
Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio

Psychopatrick beat Lenny Lane

M Dogg 20 (aka Matt of Youthanasia from XPW) fought Josh Prohibition (aka Josh of Youthanasia form XPW) to a No-Contest when "The Franchise" Shane Douglas came out and attacked both men.
--The middle rope broke in this match as M Dogg 20 was attempting an Asai Moonsault. He came back and they finished the match until Shane Douglas ran in.

Kamala (with The Negotiator) beat "Giant Killer" Tom Dub

Nosawa beat "Richie Boy" Breyer Wellington (with Natasha)
--I think this was supposed to be for the JCW Heavyweight Title, but I didn't see the JCW Title belt.

Cpl. Robinson beat 2 Tuff Tony
--After the match, "The Franchise' Shane Douglas tries to get Tony to join XPW and leave JCW. Fans chant "family, family" and Tony decides he wants to stay with the JCW.

Madman Pondo (with Anita Peters) beat Necro Butcher in a 200 light tubes match
--During the match Anita got topless- distracting Necro and helping Pondo. Well after the match, Necro put Anita through a table with a jumping Piledriever.

Abdullah the Butcher fought Rude Boy to a No-Contest

(JCW Tag Team Champions) Insane Clown Posse beat Feminem & Kid Cock (Kid Kash) to retain their titles.
-- I did not see the tag team titles, but they announced ICP as JCW Tag Team Champions.
-After the match, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas comes out and attacks ICP, but the whole Psychopathic saves ICP as the Juggalos go crazy and jump up and down.

It was cool to see Michigan represented. Breyer came out and probably got the biggest booes of the night besides maybe Kid Cock and Feminem. He came out with Natasha. Yeah the same Natasha from IWR and MXPW. It was cool to see her at the JCW.
The Necro-Pondo match was brutal as heel just like their IWF light tubes match, excpet this was in front of way more people and everyone was into it.

Best wrestler there was probably Nosawa he is so awesome.

Teh Abby-Rude Boy match was weak. All they did was punch and use a fork on each other the whoel match. That's it boring match.
Kamala match was kinda weak too. He just destroyed Tom Dub who looked to be about 140 poundas, if that.
First match was ok, but not that good.
All the other 5 matches were excellent.
Cpl. took a Power Bomb off the stage through a couple tables

Anyways, cool show
I was suppoed to go with my friend Tony but he backed out and ended up going with good ol Roddy Hogan.
We went to the after party as well, but it was weak.
Fun show. The only stupid thingis that all the Juggleheads would throw stuff at the wrestlers. Breyer had to have gotten hit wabout 20 times at least. Natahsa probably about 3 or 4 times.
Lenny Lane proabably about 20 times as well.
Some of those Juggleheads are so stupid.

I was one of only 3 people I think without an ICP or another Psychopatchic groups gear on. Yeah one kid had a Slayer shirt and one kid had an ECW shirt on. But about 1, 500 others all had ICP stuff.

The show I'd say had about as many people as Cage of Death 4 at least. I'd say maybe 1,200 to 1,500 people.

The after party probablly had about 300-400 people.
Yeah and they all call each other ninjas. One guy even called me "Ninja" I thought it was funny.
Funniest thing of all was a group of guys singing 'Magic Magic Ninja What?"
What the hell is that supposed to mean.
Yeah there was a guy running around the street saying that to cars stoppign at the light. I thought it was hilarious

We left the after show at about 1:30 am
Got to Hogan's van at about 5:30 am
Got home at about 6 am
-It took a bit longer because of the fog.

Good times in Columbus, Ohio.

IWR "Resurrection"
Saturday, March 29
IWR Coliseum at Sunnybrook in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Kamikaze beat Tommy Johnson after a Swanton

Frankie the Face & Jaimy CoxXx beat Klunk the Clown and "Gigolo" Mark Gjoka when Frankie pinned Gjoka

Andy Muscat beat Justin Toxicated after a Superfly Splash

Jumpin' Jimmy Jacobs beat "The Future" Chris Sabin

Mr. Insanity beat Krazy & Deranged in a 3-Way Dance

-Gavin Starr and Alex Shelley beat "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr and Homeless Jimmy in a No DQ match after Death Dealer attacked Jimmy.

(IWR Tag Team Champions) The Threat: Truth Martini & Anthony Rivera beat Rags 2 Riches: Gutter & CK3

Elvis Elliot beat (IWR King of the Indies Champion) "Amazing" N8 Mattson by disqualification when Bubba McKenzie interfered.

(IWR Champion) "The Next" Bryer Wellington beat Steven Lee

Maximum Pro Wrestling "Collateral Damage #2"
Frday, March 28, 2003
Max Pro Arena at Livoniva Mall in Livonia, Michigan

Chris Chambers beat Johnny Bravo after a flying elbow drop.

Gutter beat Matrox after a "Diamond Dust."

"Showtime" Eric Young beat Ruffy Silverstein by disqualification after Floyd Osbourne interfered.

"Showtime" Eric Young & Chris Chambers beat Ruffy Silverstein & Floyd Osbourne
after a super-kick by Young, and a flying elbow drop by Chambers.

Klunk the Clown beat "Evil" Elvis Elliot.

Sabu & "Urban Legend" Tony Smallz beat Dyson Price & A-1 after Smallz Choke-slammed Price.

MXPW "Collateral Damage week #3"
Friday, April 4, 2003
MaxPro Arena at Livonia Mall in Livonia, Michigan

"Showtime" Eric Young beat A-1 (with Natasha)

Matrox beat Jimmy Jacobs

Dyson Price beat Big Chuck

"Spyder" Nate Webb beat Jaimy Coxxx after a Moonsault (using a chair).

Klunk the Clown beat Jason Sky after a legdrop off the second turnbuckle.

John E. Bravo beat Floyd Osbourne with a Huraconrana off the turnbuckle.

Petey Williams beat Gutter in a match with Gutter's Cindy suspended from the ceiling and whoever reached it with the ladder could use it.

"Amazing" N8 Mattson beat Colt Cabana & Truth Martini in a 3-way match to become the #1 contender to the unified MXPW TV Title.

XICW "April Armageddon 3"
Sunday, April 6, 2003
Hot Rock's Café in Warren, Michigan

Levi Blue beat Eddie Venom (a.k.a. Jay the Cable Guy) in a First Blood Match only Levi put ketchup on Venom to make it look like blood, but Venom never really bled.

Frankie The Face beat Shawn Hunter

Kamikaze beat "Skinhead" Steve Stone

(XICW Tag Team Champions) Fun Lovin' Criminals: Jaimy Coxxx & Alex Shelley beat Jimmy Jacobs & Anthony Rivera (replacing Gavin Starr).

Mr. Insanity beat Danny Daniels with an Airplane Spin into a Death Valley Driver to become the #1 contender for the XICW Intense Title.

The Machine beat Big Don with a Splash off the second turnbuckle.
After the match, Double D Devil Dog and Skull Ganz come out and Double D attacks Big Don
(It was the debuts of Big Don, The Machine, and also Double D Devil Dog as well.)

(XICW Intense Champion) Truth Martini beat Loverboy Steve with a Shining Wizard.
--- (The IWF Cruiserweight Champion- Loverboy Steve made his XICW debut. His title was not up)

(XICW Xtreme Champion) "The Dangerous One" DBA beat Deranged & Cpl. Robinson in a 3-way match when D.B.A. pinned Deranged after interference from "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr.
– Cpl. Robinson had Deranged beat after his "Boot Camp" finisher onto some broken glass from the light tubes, but Death Dealer interfered and attacked Corp. and then D.B.A. went over and pinned Deranged for the win.
(Cpl. Robinson's debut in XICW)

XICW "Xtreme Mayhem"
Sunday, May 4, 2003
Hot Rock's Sports Bar and Music Cafe in Warren, Michigan

Frankie The Face beat "Amazing" N8 Mattson

Levi Blue beat Eddie Venom (Jay the Cable Guy)

--(XICW Intense Champion) Truth Martini did not wrestle or defend his title because he said that he was hurt after slipping on something outside.

Danny Daniels beat Mr. Insanity with a Piledriver, after Truth Martini interfered, to become the #1 contender to the XICW Intense Title.

Anthony Rivera beat The Machine

-"Skinhead" Steve Stone beat Large Lover when Lover laid down for Steve Stone in what wasn't really a match, it was all a setup. Now Large Lover is managing Seve Stone.

(XICW Tag Team Champions) Fun Lovin' Criminals: Jaimy Coxxx & Alex Shelley beat Gavin Starr & Gutter.

In a Fans Bring The Weapons Match, (XICW Xtreme Champion) "The Dangerous One" DBA beat Deranged to retain his title after "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr interfered.
-Mike the Security Guard also came out, but was taken down by Tommy Starr.

IWF "Resurgence"
Saturday, May 31, 2003
Taylor Sportsplex in Taylor, Michigan

(CZW World Champion) The Messiah fought Adam Flash to a No-Contest. They stopped fighting each other. Messiah cut a promo and then Cpl Robinson & 2 Tuff Tony came down to the ring.

"The Next" Breyer Wellington (with Buddy Hanlon) beat Anthony Rivera in a Yukon Braxton Memorial Match.

--Interview with Loverboy Steve. He makes an open challenge and out comes Madman Pondo.

Madman Pondo beat (IWF Cruiserweight Champion) Loverboy Steve in a Non-Title Match.

CashFlo beat Chad Collyer with the "Oh Shit!" Legdrop off the second turnbuckle.

"Alpha Male" Monty Brown beat Lenny Lane with a Closeline off the ropes.

"The Dangrous One" DBA beat Mitch Rider with a sit-down splash off the top turnbuckle, while Mitch was on a chair.

--Contract signing of Abdullah the Butcher against Madman Pondo.

(IWF Tag Team Champions) Cpl. Robinson & 2 Tuff Tony fought (CZW World Champion) The Messiah & Adam Flash to a Double Countout/ Double DQ.
Cpl. Robinson & 2 Tuff Tony retain the tag team titles.
--Messiah & Tony both fell off the top turnbuckle and throguth a table at rinside while on another side Corp. did his "Bott Camp" Russian Legsweep off the ring apron to Adam Flash sending them both through a table.

Kid Kash beat SharkBoy with his "Moneymaker."

Abdullah the Butcher (with John Cheetum) beat Necro Butcher (with Chris "The Fly" Monroe) after an Elbowdrop.
--After the match, Pondo attacks Abdullah and they fight all over the arena knocking over vendor tables, going through the crowd all over the place.

AWWL "Redemption"
Saturday, June 8, 2003
Walter French Academy in Lansing, Michigan

Jason Quick defeated Terry Stevens

"The Future" Chris Sabin defeated "Playboy" Breyer Wellington

Shauna Doyle defeated Randy (Gigi)

"Hotstuff" Anthony Rivera def. "Bulldog" Maynard

Mr. Hughes defeated BlackJack Phoenix

The Great Mongo defeated Soulman Carter

Truth Martini defeated Thurston Brooks and Curtis Martin in a 3-way dance.

The Bruiser, The Crusher, and "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan defeated Gutter, Big Jake (Jay the Cable Guy),and "Alpha Male" Monty Brown in a 6-man Tag Team Match.

Sabu defeated Jerry Lynn by disqualification when Kevin Sullivan ran in and attacked Sabu. Lynn and Sullivan attack Sabu, then Monty Brown runs in to make the save.

XICW Xtreme Heat Wave 3
June 8, 2003
Hot Rock's Cafe

Frankie The Face beat Eddie Venom (Jay the Cable Guy)

Gutter beat Ryan Boz

(IWF Crusierweight Champion) Loverboy Steve beat Kamikaze in a match with "Skinhead" Steve Stone (along with Large Lover) as the referee.
-Steve Stone made a fast count on Kamikaze, so Malcolm Monroe makes Steve Stone face his friend Levi Blue.

"Skinhead" Steve Stone beat Levi Blue in a match with the BU f'n G as the referee.
-Devil Dog interfered and caused Levi to lose.

Miss Natasha beat "Handsome" Johnny Bradford in a Loser-Leaves-XICW Match when Devil Dog interfered and Speared Johnny Bradford.

Jumpin' Jimmy Jacobs & Gavin Starr beat Alex Shelley & Jaimy Coxxx to become the new XICW Tag Team Champions after Jacobs & Gavin did a double-team move to Jaimy Coxxx and pinned him.

"Big Double D" Devil Dog with Miss Natasha beat Adam Evans

(XICW Intense Champion) Truth Martini beat Mr. Insanity & (XICW Light heavyweight Champion) Danny Daniels in a 3 Way Elimination Match to retain his Intense Title. (Only the Intense Title was up.)
-First Mr. Insanity beat Danny Daniels with an Airplane Spin into a Death Valley Driver, then Truth Martini beat Mr. Insanity with his own feet on the topes.

"The Dangerous One'" DBA won a Tag Team Jeapordy Match, where any wrestler can pin any other wrestler, to retain his XICW Xteme Title when DBA pinned "Death Dealer" Tommy Starr. The match was DBA & Tommy Starr vs. Deranged & Mike The Security Guard, but DBA pinned "Death Dealer" with a Rollup for the win.