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News and Results by Kris Kurz a.k.a. Resident Evil


Here you will be able to read feature interviews with Independent wrestling superstars that wrestle in Michigan!

Feature Interview: The Amazing Interview with Amazing N8!
"Amazing" N8 Mattson Interview November 2002

MIWP: How did you get into professional wrestling and how long have you been wrestling for?
N8: When I was in High School I use to go to the indy shows around Detroit. Midwest Territorial Wrestling and Mid-West Championship Wrestling were the top two promotions running at that time. I was a big fan of Al Snow back then, he was the MTW Champion. The more I watched, the more I wanted to be part of the show. I kept hearing about the Can-Am Wrestling School in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, where a lot of the local workers trained at. I got a hold of "Irish" Mickey Doyle and signed up in April 1996 at the age of 19. I turned pro on November 24th, 1996 where I did a couple of TV tapings for Border City Wrestling. I've been in the business almost 7 years now.

MIWP: What federations have you wrestled for in Michigan and outside of Michigan, and what belts have you won?
N8: I have held 15 championships at this point in my career. I am a former 3-time NWA Great Lakes Junior Heavyweight Champion & NWA Michigan Tag-Team Champion. I am a former 2-time Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling North American Junior Heavyweight Champion and CAPW Tag-Team Champion. I held the TCW Tri-State Cruiserweight belt, before that group folded. I have been XICW Tag-Team Champion twice, Light-Heavyweight Tag-Team Champion, and I was the very first XICW Light-Heavyweight Champion. I was also the first Great Lakes All-Pro Heavyweight Champion, as well as the first IWR Tag-Team Champion. Speaking of the Independent Wrestling Revolution, I am the current King Of The Indy's Champion. Besides Michigan, I have wrestled in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and of course Canada. I also recently debuted in Maximum Pro Wrestling.

MIWP: Who do you look up to in pro wrestling ?
N8: I look up to the guys who take a stand for what they believe in. Guys like Sting, Shawn Michaels, & Ted DiBiase get ribbed because of their personal beliefs, but it takes guts to do what they do. There's nothing wrong with having faith and hope in God and I admire that.

MIWP: How many injuries have you had and how bad were they?
N8: I've had a couple serious ones. 2001 was rough because I seperated my left shoulder in March, and then I broke my right ankle and fibula in August that same year. I still have a screw holding my ankle together. Earlier this year I tore the PCL in my left knee. I'm still not 100% from that. Then there's the pulled muscles, and everyday aches and pains from all the bumps I take week in and week out.

MIWP: What is your opinion on MI Indy Wrestling, and the promoters running the shows?
N8: Right now, Michigan is where it's at. If you look at the talent pool here, we can compete with any market or territory. We've got guys like Chris Sabin, Truth Martini, Gutter, Yukon Braxton, Breyer Wellington, Monty Brown, Sabu, and a host of others. We are a family in the Great Lakes area, from Grand Rapids to Detroit to Windsor, we are a brotherhood of sorts. Every promoter uses each one of us differently, and that is refreshing. I think there needs to be more marketing of certain workers, better advertising, and more exposure to our region. If a few promoters could come to terms and unite under the right circumstances, maybe we could get a television deal and blow the roof off the sucka!

MIWP: Who is your favorite wrestler to work with?
N8: I would have to say the greatest pure athlete, "The Future" Chris Sabin. After his training, he exploded onto the scene. I was his first singles match. We've worked a dozen times or more. He's fun to tag up with too. We worked the Road Warriors Hawk & Animal, and Julio Dinero & Chris Hamrick as a tag team. He's like my little brother, I trust him, and that's important when you're working with someone.

MIWP: How did you get the nickname "Amazing"?
N8: I wanted a flashy nickname that wasn't already used. I looked through all the PWI Almanacs and couldn't find anyone with that nickname so I started using it. "The Canadian Destroyer" Doug Chevalier, my mentor in this business, suggested I use the name "Mr. Amazing". I wanted to be more like "The Amazing" Spider-Man, so voila, you get "Amazing" N8 Mattson! some people are calling Red, (formerly of the S.A.T's), the "Amazing" Red, but I've been using it for most of my career, while he's only been around a couple of years. That's Okay, though, because there was more than one "Nature Boy"! On a side note, some people don't get my "N8" gimmick. It's my skater way of spelling my first name pronounced "Nate". Kinda like a license plate, know what I mean?

MIWP: If you were a promoter for a federation, who would you have on your roster and what kind of shows would have?
N8: If I had the funds and the energy to run a show, I would put on a top-notch, classy, totally professional card. I would have commercials and radio spots, well-dressed and well-spoken ring announcers, excellent sound equipment, a venue with the right amount of character and atmosphere, and a show the whole family could enjoy. I would book matches that I would want to watch myself, and I would put emphasis on the in-ring product of storytelling and psychology. The roster is extremely important, but just off the top of my head I would have Gutter, Sabin, Yukon, Jimmy Jacobs, DBA, 8-Pac, Mr. Insanity, The Bump-N-Uglies, Alex Shelley, Truth, Breyer, Maynard R. Nek, Big Chuck, Dyson Pryce, Larry Destiny, Rocky Reynolds, and Logan Caine. Sprinkle some big names in there and there ya go!

MIWP: What is the future of Amazing N8?
N8: Stay healthy and see where this crazy business takes me. Opportunities come and go so fast, I just want to hang on and enjoy the ride. Who knows, I might someday open my own wrestling school. I just take each match one at a time, and perform to the best of my ability. I like to have fun with it, and hopefully I can go with it full-time and make some moolah here and there. I don't really care about being famous, just taking care of the Mrs.

MIWP: Would you rather be a porn star, a Lawyer, or a clown?
N8: I'd rather be a clown because I like making people laugh, even at stupid stuff. I was pretty much the class clown growing up, so if the big red shoe fits...

MIWP: What is the Threat and what is their goal?
N8: The THREAT is the most dangerous group ever assembled on the indy circuit. We have already taken over the IWR (Independent Wrestling Revolution) by winning all of the championships there. Breyer Wellington is the IWR Heavyweight champion, Truth Martini & Anthony Rivera are the 2-time IWR tag-team champs, and I am the King Of The Indy's! with "Playboy" Bubba McKenzie as our ring leader, we will have control for a long time to come. The THREAT is real and there's nowhere to hide!

MIWP: Any last comments?
N8: Yes, thank you Chris for all the good work you do at ringside, taking pictures and helping us get a little more exposure. On behalf of all the boys in the locker room, thank you and God bless! To all the fanz, thanx for going to the shows, buying the merchandise, the tickets and such, we couldn't do it without you!
Stay true to the indy scene! Please continue to support indy wrestling.

Thank you,

"Amazing" N8 Mattson

Check out the Amazing N8 Mattson Website at


Skull Ganz Interview October 2002

MIWP: How did you get into professional wrestling and how long have you been wrestling for?
GANZ: I got into wrestling back in 1994 with Tom and Tim Knocks, and have been wrestling for almost 7 years now

MIWP: What federations have you wrestled for in Michigan and outside of Michigan, and what belts have you won?
GANZ: E.C.W- Try outs, W.W.F- Television Taping, C.W.F- Tag Team Champions (with Tommy Starr), C.W.F- Heavyweight Champion, G.L.W- Hard-core Champion, M.W.A- Heavyweight Champion, I.C.W- Canadian Intercontinental Champion, N.S.W.A- Heavyweight Champion, N.W.A- Television Champion, N.W.A- Heavyweight Champion, H.C.W- Heavyweight Champion, U.W.F- Heavyweight Champion, C.A.P.W- Tag Team Champions (with Brian O), X.I.C.W- Hard-core Champion, M.W.F- Heavyweight Champion, X.I.C.W- Tag Team Champions (with Danny Daniels)
Them were all the titles I held here is all the promotions I have worked for:
E.C.W- Extreme Championship Wrestling
W.W.F- World Wrestling Federation
B.C.W- Border City Wrestling
G.L.W- Great Lakes Wrestling
C.W.F- Championship Wrestling Federation
G.W.A- Global Wrestling Alliance
N.S.W.A- Northern States Wrestling Alliance
U.S.W.L- United States Wrestling League
I.C.W- Insane Championship Wrestling
M.W.A- Michigan Wrestling Alliance
I.C.W Canada- International Championship Wrestling
WAR- WAR Wrestling
C.W.A- Cleveland Wrestling Alliance
N.W.A- National Wrestling Alliance of Michigan
R.A.W.- Real American Wrestling
H.C.W.- Hard-core Championship Wrestling
U.W.F.- United Wrestling Federation
C.A.P.W- Cleveland All Pro Wrestling
M.W.F- Millennium Wrestling Federation
X.I.C.W- X-treme Intense Championship Wrestling
M.X.P.W- Maximum Pro-Wrestling

MIWP: Who do you look up to in pro wrestling ?
GANZ: I really don't look up to no one, I am my own person and I look up to the good lord himself. Without him none of this would have been possable

MIWP: How many injuries have you had and how bad were they?
GANZ: I have had a lot all were going to stop me from competing but I kept on getting back up and running with the ball. My neck, Shoulder almost took me out of my real job as well, hitting the steel post took a lot out of my strength, my knee was worked on twice and not a single nag out of any one of the past injuries.

MIWP: What is your opinion on MI Indy Wrestling, and the promoters running the shows?
GANZ: There are too many promotions out there, Most don't pay the boys and the others use untrained wrestlers.

MIWP: Who is your favorite wrestler to work with?
GANZ: I'd say Don Montoya

MIWP: How did you get the nickname Pit-Bull?
GANZ: 12 years ago I bounced at a club and my manager told me to take out a costumer and I went for the neck and whenever I would go after anyone I always go for the neck (just like the Dogs) I am loyal but have a tendency of turning on people close to me for no reason.

MIWP: If you were a promoter for a federation, who would you have on your roster and what kind of shows would have?
GANZ: I wouldn't run shows, people are not aware of this but too many promotions make wrestling boring.

MIWP: What is the future of Skull Ganz?
GANZ: God only knows.

MIWP: Any last comments?
GANZ: Keep supporting Indy wrestling the guys you see just may be your WWE stars tomorrow.

Check out The Offical Skull Ganz Website!

More Interviews Coming Soon!
Coming Soon: Interviews with Miss Natasha, Handsome Johhny Bradford, Colt Cabana, Mr. Insanity, Mr. Meaner, Playboy Bubba, Necro Butcher, Truth Martini, and many more!!!!!!!!!

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